The is the blog of a scalper.I know tons of people have different definitions of what a scalper means, so I wont give you mine.

This is my journal. I am not the best writer , but I am getting better as I keep a journal.



5 thoughts on “About

  1. I came upon your blog while researching the e-mini Russell 2000 (TF) instrument. I quickly identified with your style of trading; I’m prone to scalp the futures myself. (TF, CL, 6J/6A, ES, NG). Given that this can be a rather isolating gig, I welcome meeting others of the same ilk. A few of your posts resonated with me: (1) don’t be distracted – like you, it’s cost me in missed opportunities; afterall, with scalping, entry and timing is everything. (2) developing a jedi mindset 🙂 (3) don’t like Mondays and Fridays either. I’ll look fwd to reading more, and am happy to share my thoughts periodically. Till then.. Successful Trading.

    1. Thanks Sacha,
      Yes, it can be isolating. Sometimes I wish more so when I am trading, as others think it is ok to bother me when I am scalping. I just had it happen on Thursday and I will write up a blog post today on it.


  2. Hey man !

    I am too …

    Only a mad randommer 1 second trader DAX Futures …

    What about ARTS ? (Automated Random Trading Strategies) .

    Indicators only for trailing stops ! Exits ! Exits !

    I use antifragility too .

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