Review of Al Brook’s Video Trading Course

Al Brooks

I have been a fan of Al Brooks, for a long time. I bought his first book back in 2009. My initial impression of that book was, I wish it had been written in English Even Al ays the editing on the first book was not great.

Fast forward 6 years and he has a video course at Brooks Trading Course. I finally got a chance to review the course and I wanted to do a review for anyone else who is thinking about taking the course.

The original single volume “Trading Bar by Bar” book, is now three volumes. The list price on the three is ~$225, but you can get them on Amazon for about $150. So the video course is a little bit more than the dead tree editions.


The course is a LOT of material. Lots of setups and really useful information. But as I said, it is a LOT of information and it will take quite a while to finish. I gave myself 30 days to see if I could do the entire course and I was not able to watch everything. I took two trans oceanic trips in that month, so there was a lot of binge watching videos. According to the website, it is about 36 hours of video. You cannot binge watch his course like ‘Breaking Bad’ so you will have to spend a decent amount of time watching the courses.

I would say, there is enough in the course to help someone become a profitable trader from the price action side. You would still need to work on the psychological side ( which is not what this course is about ). In becoming a price action trader, learning how to trade takes up 90% of the time, learning how to deal with the psychology of trading takes up the other 90%.


If you are a visual learner, and you are thinking about buying the books, I would get the videos instead. The course is worth the money, just from the sheer volume of content.  It is a real price action course that any student of price action should pick up if they can.

The course ( and the books ) are a set of tools to help you understand and trade price action. That is the best you can realistically ask from any trading course. As with any course that you buy or study, you will have to apply that course to your method, trading instrument, time frame and psychology.


Awesome course for price action trades, it is a lot of materiel and will take a long time to absorb. Good value, get the videos over the books.  Also, check out the Al Brooks Trading blog.


4 thoughts on “Review of Al Brook’s Video Trading Course

  1. Can you explain the math behind this quote from your posting:
    “learning how to trade takes up 90% of the time, learning how to deal with the psychology of trading takes up the other 90%”
    Did you mean to write 90% in both places or not? If not, which you say is more important, technique or psychology?

    1. I was making a joke based on the Ninety-ninety rule in computer science. The joke goes like this

      The first 90 percent of the code accounts for the first 90 percent of the development time. The remaining 10 percent of the code accounts for the other 90 percent of the development time.

      —Tom Cargill, Bell Labs

      The joke is that software usually takes longer to develop than you think. Software projects , like trading tend to take longer than you think it will. Most people spend a lot of time on technique, then they find they need to work on the psychology.

      So the Brooks course is great for teaching the mechanics ( and he does have stuff on psychology in his course ), but you, the trader, will have to spend time working on your own psychology regardless of what course you took.

  2. My trading took off when I learned Fibonacci retracements. Measuring legs and their 50%-60% pullbacks with the trend and off ema or trendline. I am now a 90% accurate trader. Its a daily common occurance in most any market.

    1. 90% is awesome! I could never stay that disciplined. That is a great thing, and it just shows that finding something that works for you is the way to trade.

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